EduSports was founded in 2009 with a vision to 'Make Sports an Integral Part of every Child's Education and Upbringing'.

It all started from a very casual remark from a friend of Mr. Saumil Majmudar (now CEO & Co-Founder, EduSports) that his 6 year old son was not engaging in enough physical activity and was getting hooked to TV & computers. The parent observed that there were hardly any healthy and social avenues for his son to mingle with children outside of the school. Clearly, parents wanted children to play, stay fit and healthy, but there were not enough opportunities for children to have a fun experience around sports.

Even though schools had physical education and sports as part of their prescribed curriculum and timetable, in most cases, they were not delivering on the promise of a good physical education/sports programme covering all the children as the programmes they had were not inclusive and age-appropriate. This made children not pick up the right skills (at the right ages) and they lost interest in sports as they grew up. Hence, in 2009, EduSports was formed as a SportzVillage initiative with the idea of delivering holistic education through sports by partnering with schools and completely integrating into the school's system.

A very strong culture of staying close to the ground and seeing how things work at schools helped the EduSports team to identify some of the biggest unmet needs which were present but not voiced by customers. Additionally, the team also took a conscious call of developing a curriculum in-house (vs. buying off the shelf from the International organizations) as we clearly felt that the challenges around infrastructure and class sizes were very unique to India and that would require unique solutions.

Today, EduSports covers more than 5,00,000 children and works with more than 650 schools in 250+ locations. EduSports programme is LIVE in the leading schools across the country.

In addition this there has been a small but a sure change in the attitude of school leaders and parents towards sports/physical education. Personally, the most satisfying metric of change has been the paradigm shift that sports/PE is not only for performance/talented children but a must-have for all children to become fitter and healthier (physically, mentally, socially and academically)

EduSports Milestones