EduSports will create a generation of healthier & fitter children equipped with key life-skills all through the magic of sports. EduSports programmes help create "Physically Educated" children while ensuring that all stakeholders (Schools, Parents & Policymakers) are involved in the process.


EduSports programmes are designed around the philosophy that structured physical activity & sports can be leveraged as a powerful teaching tool for experiential learning in a way which is visceral, engaging and fun for children. The programme is based upon the core principles of

  1. Inclusiveness (Every child MUST play)
  2. Age-Appropriateness (Right Skills at the Right Age)
  3. All programmes are designed specifically to work in the local context. They can operate in limited spaces and actively engage large class sizes.


The scientifically designed, structured EduSports programmes help physical education & sports get to the same level of rigor, focus and stakeholder involvement that exists in academic subjects in schools. Similar to academics, the EduSports programmes possess a structured curriculum, age-appropriate assessments, performance monitoring and reporting toolkit and trained/skilled resource support to help every child become "physically educated"