It's been great working with EduSports. Being passionate about sports, and a tennis player through school and college, I wanted a switch from a 5 year long career in analytics to one that compliments my love for sport. I joined the company in March 2015 and work with the Customer Experience Group. Within a short span of time I have grown to independently manage projects. I've managed to get exposure to various departments and have learned a lot about functioning of different departments and about the business as well in the process . The work environment here is great, and a lot of fun! There is also a lot of freedom to be creative. A great place to work overall!

Vibha D S

Customer Experience Group

I started my career as a resident at Amara Jyothi Public School, Bangalore for a period of 6 months where I shared a lot of beautiful moments with the school staff, teachers and kids. Working with kids has always made me very happy. Soon after this I was sent to Delhi to start a new school. This was a turning point in my career, after which there have been many schools in which I have been a part in implementing the curriculum and delivering quality physical education. In my view, starting and sustaining a school is the most challenging of all and I am thankful to all my colleagues for their support and well wishes. It has been a great journey to be a part of the EduSports Family, as I was given an opportunity to travel to most of the regions in various capacities for which I am very thankful to the company for showing confidence in me!

Murali Krishna

Delivery Manager