Are you a 'Holistic' teacher?

As schools across the country have started focusing more and more on holistic development of the children in their schools, the role of teachers across these schools has expanded drastically. Teachers have become „Internal Champions‟ and work with other teachers or organizations supporting the schools with their expertise on different scholastic and co-scholastic areas of education. For teachers to achieve their objectives, it is very critical that the mechanisms that support them through the year to implement the programme are comprehensive yet easy to use.

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Let The Kiddies Play!

Physical activity and play comes naturally to children. And if it is constantly reinforced that these are positive experiences it will develop a sense of self-worth and will surely set the stage for a life time of physical activity helping the child be fit. Fitness means preparedness. That’s it, PREPAREDNESS. It means a person has prepared his body, through physical activity, to respond to most of the demands he makes on that body. In other words, it means the foundation of healthy living. By teaching the concept of fitness to our children we ensure that they enjoy a better quality of life. By showing them how much fun being fit and participating in physical activity can be, we start them right. And the earlier we start them the better it is.

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'Out-dooring' the assessments

Assessment is the process of documenting, usually in measurable terms, knowledge and skills of a particular area that the child has been exposed to. Over the years, educators i.e. policy makers and school leaders have been successful at designing and executing assessment ways to capture the knowledge and skills in different areas of classroom learning. However, very few tools exist today that capture learning which happens out of the classroom in co-scholastic areas in schools.

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