Disha is a high performance sports development platform for young aspiring sports talents to discover, nurture and exercise their sports abilities.

Disha aims to

•Increase sports interest levels and Identify talent
•Provide access to high quality, impact training
•Platform to showcase their sports talent & skills


School children have a need for systematic measurement, tracking and development of physical fitness throughout their schooling years. Our Assessments ensures digital measurement of key physiological parameters that reflect overall fitness over extended period of time showing results of physical activity.

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Disha Academy
Disha Academies are specialized sports coaching programs specifically designed for young sports aspirants. The academy will be run by certified coaches structured on a proven sports pedagogy to help students excel in sports.

MySportsClub is a first of its kind initiative by EduSports Disha to provide children across the country opportunities to be part of supervised match-play. The initiative has risen as a solution for the problems in unorganized evening sports played by children after school.

Disha Academy Partners
1. Assist Basketball Network Academy
•Largest network of basketball coaching camps in the world
•Staffed by highly-qualified American coaches in collaboration with local affiliates
•Players at the camps given the opportunity to get scouted and placed in American colleges
•ABN organizes a series of international tours and tournaments under the banner of the
 International Hoops Challenge



School Team Accelerator –

To ensure excellent sports team performance ESA provides optional value added service School Team Accelerator. The School team accelerator will be run by a visiting High Performance Coach.