MILES – Integrated Sports Education Platform for Middle Schoolers (Std 5 and above)

Highlights of MILES

  • Leverages experience of working with over 300,000 children
  • Improves the health & fitness levels of all children
  • Leads to development of leadership and social skills in children
  • Includes platform for observation &measurement of fitness and life skills
  • Prepares students for excellence in school, career and life

MILES integrated framework


MILES Unique Learning Methodology for Leadership Development - Leading2Play: Developed by Dr. George Selleck, a leading American Psychologist (Advisor, EduSports) Leading2Play:

  • Uses a mix of adult-led and peer-led sessions
  • Puts children in charge of designing, leading, and engaging their peers in sports and fitness activities
  • The activities will be conducted by the Student Advisor under the supervision of an Adult Advisor

MILES is implemented through the SOARTM platform- India's first integrated school sports and physical education platform. The EduSports' SOARTM platform has different modules specifically designed to address the critical needs of schools, physical education teachers, parents and children for a 360 degree high quality learning experience.

The middle school curriculum is progressive and covers:

  • Exposing children to multiple sports
  • Developing expertise/proficiency in sports*
  • Game play/ competitive based approach
  • More focus on creating learning environment and learning opportunities than teaching skills through drills
  • Modified sports for all children- the programme is age appropriate(executed with appropriate props/equipment and structured curriculum lessons) and inclusive(covers all children)
  • Modified games of specific sport to learn and develop skills.
  • Every day game play with modified rules to develop the particular skill in game situation
  • Small sided competitive match play (intra class)

Additionally, the curriculum and the assessments have been designed to adhere to the guidelines and norms set by educational boards (CBSE, ICSE, IB, IGCSE)

The approach involves:

  • Skill specific coaching points for each level
  • 70% game play learning in each session/ lesson
  • Focus to develop Life skills

*Based on infrastructure availability and choice of student

To know how MILES can help you transform your middle-school program, write to us on: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call us at 080-40473314/15