According to the American Heart Association, children need 60 minutes or more of physical activity everyday. Unfortunately during the summer vacations, children are not physically active and tend to engage in sources of entertainment like TV, video games, etc.



In order to help children be physically active in a fun and engaging manner during summer vacations, EduSports organizes Summer Sports Camps across the country for partner as well as non-partner schools during April, May & June



Benefits to Children:

1. Improve their fitness & develop their skills in their choice of sport;

2. Complete their sports and in-school learning via team play and match play; and

3. Play competitively with their peers- learning key life skills in the process 


Benefits to Schools:

1. Providing healthy opportunities for children to engage during vacations;

2. Higher visibility via walk-ins from parents;

3. Leverage the infrastructure which is under-utilized during summer (via revenue share for support provided)



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