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Edusports Blog

Transforming learning - Part 1

Power of Play

Imagine a rock-climber inching her way up a huge, ominous looking rock - completely absorbed in the intense effort to climb, or a runner drawing upon her every ounce of energy to finish the last few laps, or a bunch of kids playing tag in a public park – completely oblivious of the honking traffic or any other external noise.

What is common in all these scenarios? Of course, it is evident that they all are all deeply engaged in a game or sport they have chosen out of their own free will- an activity, ostensibly with no material gain, which is worth doing for its own sake.

Early sports specialisation – Is this the right path?

Steffi Graf started practicing on a court at the age of four, played her first tournament at five and turned pro at 13 years of age. Nadia Comaneci was 14 when she created history by scoring a perfect 10 in Gymnastics at the 1972 Olympics. Some of the successes that the Chinese athletes have recently experienced can be attributed to their early sports specialization and rigorous practice. But is early specialization, towards any sport, the right direction for a child?

Celebrating the Spirits of Sports

India has never been a sports intensive nation. Yet, sports has always carved out its own space-be it under the Mughal era, during the struggle for independence, through the license raj, in the liberalization period, to the present day Global India.


Where do children play?

Everyone seems to agree that children should play, and that more children should play as often as possible. However, the problem is not “Why should children play?” The real problem is “Where?”

Sporting nation = Obese nation?

In the 2016 Olympics, USA won 121 medals (46 Gold). Great Britain won 67 medals (27 Gold). China won 70 medals (27 Gold).

So, are the Top 10 Medal winners the most Sporting Nations of the World?

Are they the "Sporting Super Powers"?

Shouldn't the World's most Sporting Superpowers have a healthy, fit, physically active population that plays sports frequently?