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Edusports Blogs
Confidence is Key | Krishnamoorthi | Heroes of EduSports

For a sportsperson, it is a mighty confidence boost when your coach/mentor shows a great deal of faith in you. Sadly, the opposite is also true. It psychologically affects a person when they don’t get that vibe from the coach/teacher. 

A Winner is a Dreamer who Never Gives Up | Vijay Kumar | Heroes of EduSports

Being an MBA (Finance) graduate, I started my career as a banker, working with a leading bank. Soon I realized that I was never suited for a desk job at all. My heart drew me to sports, and so that’s where I went. 

Never Say Die | Tadakod Shivaraj | Heroes of EduSports

I am a basketball player from Dharwad. After having finished my BPEd course, I enrolled for masters in the same field. Being one of the better players around during my graduation, I was confident about my game.

Jack of all traits, master of one | Gorky Sinha | Heroes of EduSports

Having born into a creative family with author parents, I was never held back when it came to career choices. Be it sports, photography, or science - my family embraced all my inclinations with open arms. While I have dabbled in many fields, sports has always been a constant in my life.

Let the children learn to play | Arul Babu | Heroes of EduSports

Starting with a gold medal in BPEd., I studied further to complete MPEd. and MPhil. My education was primarily focussed on how to give sports coaching. However, when I joined EduSports, I faced a major challenge in training the kids. All these professional sports courses had taught me how to train starting from kids studying in 6th standard and above. According to a national body that formulates the curriculum of such professional courses, a child is only fit for sports training from classes 8 and above. Thus, they give a two years’ buffer period for the child to learn the basics and officially start training from 6th standard onwards.

You can pull a child out of a sport, but you cannot pull the sport out of a child | Sunil

My family never approved of a career in sports and so, I never got the opportunity to get a formal education around it. Yet, today, with no educational background in sports, my profession is to coach school kids in sports.

Honest efforts towards your passion never let you down | Abhishek Paul

Having played First Division cricket for more than 15 years in West Bengal, the game has become second skin to me. A couple of years back, I got posted in a school as a cricket coach. As much as I was looking forward to this stint, I was concerned about the fact that the school did not have a cricket team. As I dug deeper, I could sense a waning interest in cricket. When I opened up registrations, only 3 boys expressed their interest in the game. All the rest were flocking towards football and basketball.

Do what is right, not what is easy | Abdul Lateef | Heroes of EduSports

The most important thing I’ve learnt from sports is fair play. There’s no victory that is more valuable than one’s honesty towards the game. I’ve been on the receiving end of unfair play at very key junctures in my life, and it is shattering to say the least. 

Life is a relay race, pass on the goodness | Hassaan Ahmad | Heroes of EduSports

Being passionate about sports is commendable, but one has to travel the extra mile to pass it on. 

There are children in every locality of the country that may never get a chance in their lives to go to school. Sports training would be a distant dream for such kids. 

Sports isn’t optional | Suresh D | Heroes of EduSports

There aren’t many kids India that get the right exposure and support to pursue sports during their growing up years. I would count myself in one of the lucky ones who got a great PE teacher at school and parents as supportive of sports as they could be. 

Compassion is so often the solution | Avinash Kumar | Heroes of EduSports

Hailing from Gorakhpur, I started with my first job in North Karnataka. It was at a school, as a sports teacher. A while into the job, I noticed a kid - in first grade - who behaved very differently from the lot. Very quiet, disinterested - in almost everything, one with a rather sad report card. I enquired from the fellow teachers to find out more about his situation. They ridiculed him saying that he has always been like that - the dull student that they never liked. 

An ounce of practice is worth more than a tonne of preaching | Amit

Sometimes it’s amusing how life comes back a full circle. I was always an active kid with a strong bent towards sports. As much as I loved to play, I hated attending classes at school. Sittingat one place for long hours and studying wasn’t really my cup of tea. While pursuing my degree in physical education, I even went up to my teachers to express my displeasure towards attending theory classes. 

Find your calling and stay true to it | Mahender Rawat | Heroes of EduSports

As much as I’m proud to have been raised as an army kid, it had some downsides too. My father got transferred every few years and thus changed my city, school and friends. I am an introvert by nature and have always hesitated to approach new people. However, it is easier to bond with new people over sports. So, with football by my side, I never fell short of good company.

Every time, Sports comes to the rescue | Asha Naik | Heroes of EduSports

I hail from a town called Siddhapura in Karwar district of Karnataka. I had interest in volleyball during my school days. However, I discontinued playing after 10th to give more time to my studies. While I dearly missed my daily dose of sport, I was looking forward to a well paying and satisfying job after the completion of my B.Sc. course. I worked for ayear, but wasn’t too happy with my job.

You can tame the form, but you can't limit the spirit | Amoolya Kamal

I fell shoulder first on the ground while playing at the Asian Games for Indian women's football team. It brought in a physical limitation I had never seen before. My sporting career came to a screeching halt. It wasn't the first challenge I had seen in my life though. 

Everything happens for a reason | Anand | Heroes of EduSports

They say Apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. I come from a family of sportsmen. My father is a Kabaddi player, my elder sister works as a Hockey Coach. I have been involved in multiple sports like Kabaddi, Football, Discus Throw and Judo. With achievements like being a state runners up in Football and a third place holder in Judo at the esteemed Anna University, I was all set to take off after the completion of my studies.

We rise by lifting others | Murphin | Heroes of EduSports

Of course, we Indians understand the importance of physical fitness and thus, the inclusion of sports in our daily routine. But not everyone has the luxury to follow it. In a developing country like ours, money supersedes everything else. 

Fall seven times, stand up eight | Kannan R. | Heroes of EduSports

I bagged many medals for boxing. These include 2 golds in sub-junior nationals and a hattrick of Golds in senior state championships. 

But, my story isn’t about how I went further to pursue boxing. Instead, it is about how I lost my momentum and more in a single blow. I never compromised with my dedication towards sports, but destiny chose to take me somewhere else.

Winners never quit and quitters never win | Rai Jaimeen Bharath | Heroes of EduSports

I hail from a family of doctors and engineers. My folks also wanted me to tread a similar career path. But, I wanted to work in the domain that I loved the most - Sports. Their concern was about the kind of money that I would be earning in sports vis-a-vis any other desk job. 

It always seems impossible until it's done | Shashi Sharma | Heroes of EduSports

Being a girl from a middle class household in Uttarakhand with 2 sisters and 1 brother, my parents were very protective, even of my career choices. I was interested in pursuing a career in physical education, while my family believed that I would be better off landing a white collar job after a BBA course.